100 Word Challenge Week 21

This picture reminds me of when I went hiking up a small mountain in Yellowstone.  From the shadows you can kinda tell their hiking. Also the ground looks like its stone so thats also a factor you can think about. The reason it reminds me of that hike is we went up a mountain but this mountain looks a little more smooth. I wonder how big the hill/mountain they are climbing is.  Also on the side of the image you can see a werid darker stone, I wonder what kinda rock it is. Thats what i noticed from this image.


100 Word Chalenge Week 19

“and the winner is” My heart is racing because I have worked months for this moment. I have been to every robotics meeting and made a robotic dog. It knows tricks and recreates fur from excess hair from my dog. It is near perfect I have got to win. Then he said it. “Xenith!” WHAT i think to myself “everyone have a round of applase for Xenith!” How all he did was make a computer program for locating many sources at once! anyone can do that. But then I realised, no not everyone because he was the only one that could.

100 Word Challenge Week 18

I wonder what the key is for? Maybe it is for a car or a house or a safe.  Also it looks like it might be fall because the leaves are dying and look redish. The grass also looks like begining of winter end of fall kind of look.  I fall reminds me of thanksgiving and tennisee. The reason it reminds me of tennisee is, on thanksgiving I go to tennisee. Also it reminds me of turkey, enough said. Fall also is when we buy pumpkin pie which is my favorite type of pie. Thats what I think of this picture and what it reminds me of, cya!



Picture belongs to https://100wc.net/week-18-22/

100 WC Challenge Showcase Week 15

I am so excited to visit Niagra Falls. I am going to get a yellow taxi to drive me there.The taxi drivver was pretty nice and is taking me to the waterfall! I am in the elvator going to the bottom.  Now there are stairs! It took a while but I got to the bottom of the waterfall where the boats are. I got on the boat and it is heavily  raining because of the waterfall.  We can see canada from here and also the rain is geting heavier.  I am back on land and I calling an uber!

One Wish

Hi,I hope your doing well. If I had one wish at the end of this year it would be covid being over. Unless you have been living in a cave for the last 2 years you know what covid is., and it just never is ending. As soon as we get close to making a  cure/vaccine a new varrient is discovered. It has gone on for two year and dosen’t look close to ending. but tthat is what I would do with one wish. What would you do if you had one wish? Thanks for reading this post and take care people!

Image from https://www.apsf.org/article/an-update-on-the-perioperative-considerations-for-covid-19-severe-acute-respiratory-syndrome-coronavirus-2-sars-cov-2/

100 Word Challenge Transportation

There are many ways to travel and some are better than others. Both planes,helicopters and hot air balloons all have their advantages and disadvantages. I would say out of the 3 the hot air balloon is the worst. It’s only advantage is its more eco-friendly, other than that it is significantly slower than both planes and helicopters. Also you have to use and pack more food because you’re slower and you have to have an individual hot air balloon for everyone for long distance travel and it makes it worse than flying a plane.

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