One Wish

Hi,I hope your doing well. If I had one wish at the end of this year it would be covid being over. Unless you have been living in a cave for the last 2 years you know what covid is., and it just never is ending. As soon as we get close to making a  cure/vaccine a new varrient is discovered. It has gone on for two year and dosen’t look close to ending. but tthat is what I would do with one wish. What would you do if you had one wish? Thanks for reading this post and take care people!

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100 Word Challenge Transportation

There are many ways to travel and some are better than others. Both planes,helicopters and hot air balloons all have their advantages and disadvantages. I would say out of the 3 the hot air balloon is the worst. It’s only advantage is its more eco-friendly, other than that it is significantly slower than both planes and helicopters. Also you have to use and pack more food because you’re slower and you have to have an individual hot air balloon for everyone for long distance travel and it makes it worse than flying a plane.

My School

        Hello, I live in Ohio and attend McDowell Middle School. My brother and I ride the bus and we have a 45 minute bus ride. Near our school (like 50 yards away) They are building a new building and I am going to be there when I am a freshman.

                                                                                            We have 7 classes in a school day.

My classes are 1st ADV math 2nd guided study 3rd ADV ELA 4th band (in between 3rd and 4th period we have lunch.) 5th period is social studies 6th period is science and finally 7th period is art. But we all have different schedules here so mine is unique. Also we start school at 8 am and leave at 3pm.


              We normally play games on our phone or computer during lunch while eating and sometimes during guided study. Also on Fridays we have something called fun friday where we can go outside or play games. (AE isn’t on my schedule because I have band.) Also if you don’t know what ADV means it means advanced. Also in the US we celebrate veterans day which if it wasn’t self explanatory it is where we appreciate our veterans. We give them gifts and say “thank you for your service.” and hold ceremonies and We celebrate it on Thursday November 11. We did a ceremony at our school and raised $1000 for homeless veterans.  That is about everything about our school.  Picture from

100 Word Challenge Week 10


This picture makes me feel kind of sad. The clouds look all black and dark gray and the smog
is everywhere. The image has no plants or life which makes me feel a little sad. But the bit of
sky in the background looks great compared to the clouds and smog and that is the part of the
image that makes me happy. It reminds of those sayings that there is always light even in the
darkness. I also think the dark circle on the reactor plants on the sides are kind of like that too.


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NICHOLAS STONE – #037 Week #10 Challenge

100 word challenge

Hurry up, we must evacuate the building! The building is on fire and all the fire is red, wait what do you mean red fire isn’t the worst fire type? It doesn’t matter if it isn’t the worst, it is still urgent! time to evaculat…  Two hours later Don’t be afraid you are alright we rescued you from the industrial factory. We got you out at the nick of time. You will be fine but your friend… didn’t make it. Alive that is, we got his corpse. Now he can have a funeral. THE END

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